(L to R) John Gerrish, Oski Gerrish, and Ellen Chung — Source: Your Central Valley

This story is a bit of a departure from what I usually write, since there is no evidence of a crime. However, it’s such an odd tale that I just *had* to write about it.

On August 17, the bodies of John Gerrish, his wife Ellen Chung, and the couple’s…

Chris, Daniel, and Nancy Benoit — Source: Yahoo! News

What makes a 40-year-old man with an incredibly successful career, lots of money, a mansion, adoring fans, children, and a beautiful wife murder his family and then take his own life?

What turns someone known as a family man into a family annihilator?

Did anyone see the signs that Chris…

Terri “Missy” Bevers — Source: CBS News

Even if you don’t know the story behind the murder of 45-year-old Texas wife and mother Missy Bevers, you’ve probably seen the absolutely bone-chilling CCTV footage associated with it.

In the pre-dawn hours of April 18, 2016, surveillance video from inside the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Texas, caught…

The True Crime Times

My name is Julie Fidler. I’m a writer, author, wife, and animal lover. I shed light on unsolved mysteries and shocking crimes.

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