Austin Harrouff: The Cannibal Killer

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In the summer of 2016, my brother, now a former journalist, moved with his family to the Treasure Coast of Florida to write for a local newspaper. One of the very first major stories to come his way was that of Austin Harrouff, a 19-year-old Florida State University (FSU) student who killed two people and severely injured one in a frenzied, cannibalistic attack.

The young man made headlines around the globe for trying to eat the face of one of his victims.

Five years later, people are still trying to nail down what caused a handsome young college student to turn into an animalistic killer with super-human strength.

Let’s take a dive into this disturbing case.

From College Kid to Cannibal Killer

In 2016, Austin Harrouff was a freshman at FSU. At the beginning of the school year, all seemed well. [1] But by that summer, Austin was coming unglued.

Austin’s parents, Wade and Mina, divorced in 2010, and both parents had a significant other, but the split families reportedly got along well. Austin lived primarily with his mother in Jupiter, Florida.

Austin Harrouff with his dad (L) and his mom — Source: Everipedia

The son of a dentist and a pharmacist and the grandson of a doctor, Austin was interested in following his parents’ and grandfather’s footsteps into the medical field. His goal was to enroll at a four-year university as a pre-med student and one day earn a doctorate.

In high school, the teen’s grades were satisfactory, never earning anything less than a C. He participated in Suncoast Community High School’s International Baccalaureate program, taking advanced classes in biology, chemistry, statistics, and math analysis. He also played on the football team.

Austin Harrouff played on Suncoast Community High School’s football team — Source: Everipedia

While Austin’s life was awash in science, the young man also had an artistic side. School records show he excelled in art class and dreamed of becoming a professional songwriter someday.



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