DJ Fickey: A Tragic Miscarriage of Justice Pt. 1

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8 min readSep 1, 2020
DJ Fickey — Source: News Channel 9

Law enforcement is tasked with protecting the public and bringing the bad guys to justice. It’s frustrating, then, when they fail to do so. It’s even more frustrating when law enforcement refuses to acknowledge its mistakes and won’t try to right its wrongs for reasons of pride.

Some homicide cases are complicated and it’s difficult to decipher all of the facts. The case of 27-year-old Donald Edward “D.J.” Fickey is not one of them. Law enforcement doesn’t want to acknowledge that the young father was murdered on October 3, 2016. In fact, investigators ruled the young man’s death a suicide without any investigation whatsoever.

If you look at the facts, however, it’s obvious that this man, who had much to live for, did not take his own life that day. The facts will also show that investigators had their own selfish reasons for dismissing D.J.’s death as a suicide and closing the case as quickly as possible.

D.J. Fickey

Donald “D.J.” Fickey was born on November 14, 1988, in Oglethorpe, Georgia. [1] The son of Donald Sr. and Kathy, D.J. was the only boy out of four children, and the family shared a close bond. He was especially close to his sister Amanda.

D.J. with his sister Amanda — Source: WRCB TV

When D.J. was just 14, his life changed forever when Donald Sr. died from cancer.

A funny, caring prankster, D.J. met a girl named Brandy and fell in love. Soon after, Brandy became pregnant, and the two got married. The couple had three children.

D.J. with Brandy and one of the couple’s children — Source: Invisible Choir

Growing up, D.J. often helped an elderly man known as “Old Man” with a variety of tasks, including taking care of his bedridden wife. After D.J. and Brandy got married, D.J. took Brandy to meet Old Man. She began to spend more and more time at Old Man’s house and became friends with a number of people who also hung out there, including a man named Mark, who was a drug dealer. [1] [2]

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