One of the Most Vicious Crimes in U.S. History

Channon Christian (L) and Christopher Newsom — Source: Knox News

First, a few thoughts…

It the Blink of an Eye

Christopher and Channon — Source: LALATE News
Lemaricus Davidson — Source: WIVK
(From Left) George Thomas, Vanessa Coleman, and Letalvis Cobbins — Source: Bonnie’s Blog of Crime
Daphne Sutton — Source:
Eric Boyd — Source: WATE

Minding Their Own Business

Christopher Newsom — Source: Daily Mail
Mary and Hugh Newsom — Source: WBIR
Gary and Deena Christian — Source: The Seattle Times / Channon Christian — Source: LifeDaily

Tragic Findings

Police recover the body of Christopher Newsom — Source: LifeDaily
Police remove the body of Channon Christian from Davidson’s home — Source: Knox News

Horrendous Suffering

Christopher Newsom
Channon Christian — Source: LifeDaily
Letalvis Cobbins — Chattanooga Times Free Press
Lemaricus Davidson — Source: Murderpedia

The Long Pursuit of Justice Begins


Judge Richard Baumgartner — Source: Knox News
Christopher Lee Gibson — Source: Knoxville News Sentinel
Deena Castleman — Source: WBIR
Judge Richard Baumgartner — Source: Daily Mail
Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood — Source: Trials & Tribulations
Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood — Source: Knoxville News Sentinel
Gary Christian — Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press
Christopher Newsom’s parents — Source: Knox News
Judge Walter Kurtz — Source: AZCentral


Rest in peace, Channon and Christopher.

My name is Julie Fidler. I’m a writer, author, wife, and animal lover. I shed light on unsolved mysteries and shocking crimes.

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