The Sordid Saga of Josh and Susan Powell

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I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday. I made a concerted effort to relax and enjoy myself because I didn’t want to forget a single moment. It was the happiest day of my life. I knew I was marrying a good man. I knew my soon-to-be in-laws loved me.

Not to make light of a very tragic situation, but if you think your in-laws are tough to deal with, then perhaps the story of Susan Cox Powell will make you see them in a better light. The narcissism of her husband and the perversion of her father-in-law ultimately led to the destruction of not only her marriage but of her entire family.

Young and in Love

Susan and Josh during their courtship days — Source: MyNorthwest

The story of Susan Cox and Josh Powell began like many others. Both were devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, in 2000 at a dinner party at Josh’s apartment in November of that year. [1] They were already classmates in a religion course.

The couple’s relationship moved quickly and just six months later, the two married at the Portland Oregon Temple. Josh was in the midst of job-hopping at the time, while Susan left her job as a cosmetologist to be a broker at Wells Fargo.

Josh’s goal was to become a real estate agent, so Susan got her realtor’s license to answer the phones for him. She was dedicated to her new husband’s budding career and what she believed would be their lifetime of love, devotion, and happiness.

In 2005, the Powells welcomed son, Charlie. Two years later, Braden arrived. Susan hoped the addition of their children would be the glue that kept their family together because things had already started to sour between the husband and wife. But in 2008, Josh was struggling to hold down a job, which forced him to file for bankruptcy, which served to further erode his relationship with Susan.

Susan, Josh, and Charlie welcome Braden into the world — Source: Daily Mail

The animosity between Susan and Josh went far beyond the normal marital spats, however…



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